Cherri Pedrioli

Reconnective Energy Healer
Reconnect Mind, Body, Soul

I was born and raised in Sebastopol California and currently reside in Santa Rosa California.

I have worked in various areas of the construction field my whole life. Currently, my husband and I own a very successful plumbing company, but growing up, and to this day, I’ve always had a passion for helping people and animals.

Over the years I struggled with different health issues and was tired of being told I only had a two options; surgery or medication. Surgery was out of the question and the side effects of  the medication made things worse. I was at a point in my life that I  knew I had to do something different so I began to explore my “Choices”.

I began looking for an alternative to Western medicine. In 2007 I stepped into the world of Shamanic Healing and then in 2010 I found Reconnective Healing,  you can say, my life from the first day changed forever.

I originally tried Reconnective Healing® for a physical pain but left there feeling more balanced in my life than ever before. Things started happening to me and people around me from my first session.  I took my then six-month-old granddaughter for a Reconnective Healing® session because she needed eye surgery and I wanted to try that first. When holding my granddaughter my hands became hot and I could not hold her. No surgery was ever needed.

Many other things were happening in my life, so I booked the next training seminar, and there I was, seeking out how to heal yourself and heal others with Reconnective Healing®.

After coming home from the seminar I was so excited to start playing with the frequencies with family and friends.

I have since experienced so many other wonderful Healings; broken bones healed, black eyes normal the next day, back pain gone, skin cancer gone, stage 4 cancer in full remission. So many more than I can mention in a brief bio.

I look forward to being your Reconnective Healing® Practitioner who can open the doors into bringing your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul back to a Natural State of Balance.

My journey with Cherri started in 2012. I was going through chemo and having some issues with just being able to relax. I am not sure if she had done long distance healing before that day or not..  You see I live in Idaho. We set up a time and believe you me, I was so ready. My experience was so relaxing and releasing all that feeling of anxiety. My next few sessions with Cherri were in person. With even stronger results. My body is so relaxed i actually float, that is gods truth. My next need for Cherri was on Sept. 8th of 2014. I was having a very scary surgery done on my brain. I contacted Cherri. I told her when my time on the table would be, noon. As always she would be there ( long distance) for me… So go figure my surgery gets bumped to 4:00. No way to get ahold of Cherri. Well my surgery went so well, the surgeon was in awe. He told me he was amazed how everything went with out one bump in the road. The next day I found out why. My sister called me from CA and said ” Cherri was feeling bad cause something came up and she was not able to be with me in a session till around 4″. I then told her about my time change. I am for ever grateful to Cherri. I healed so fast from my surgery i was back to work in 3 weeks. The doctors still talk about it and my ” long distance healer “.

Cheryl J.