the process

Becoming a Choices Author is simple.

1. Complete your submission. (Our coveted author slots are limited to 25 for each book.)

Please use the following guidelines when preparing and submitting your story.

  • Your story should be no more than 1,000 words
  • Use single spacing.
  • Put only 1 space after periods.
  • Include the title of your story and your name.
  • Choose a positive/inspirational quote to put under your Chapter title.

Author’s Biography:

  • No more than 250 words
  • Share your business/expertise and any accomplishments, links to your website.

Proof your work! It’s always best to have several others proof it as well to make sure it makes sense and has no grammatical or spelling errors.

Submit your story to in a Word doc attachment   

2. Editing and Production Process

Once you submit your story, it will be sent to a proof reader and then to a copy editor. A copy editor will correct spelling and grammatical errors only, not content. If the editor advises that a story needs content editing, there may be an additional charge of $0.02 per word. After editing, you will receive your chapter for review prior to publication. You will have the opportunity to make changes only once.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue, Susan, or Cherri at

3. Marketing & Promotion

All authors are featured on our Choices Book Series Websites and Social Media pages.

Book launch and author signing events in Sonoma County, CA dates and locations TBD

Author interviews on Facebook Live.

Opportunity to join us on all podcast, TV, newspaper and/or magazine articles and interviews.

Promotion and book signing at Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs and other events.

Now, you’re a published author!

It’s that simple.

Are you ready to be a known expert, become an influencer and boost your brand?


Here are some more FAQs for you!

What you get:

  • 1,000 word chapter
  • Author page with photo (250 words)
  • 10 free books to sell or give away!
  • Amazon best seller campaign
  • Web page on Choices Book website
  • Special promotion and recognition at events

Custom Cover (additional fee) includes:

  • Your photo and name on the front cover
  • Your photo and bio on the back cover
  • Your own ISBN number/bar code

Why be an author in a compilation book?

  • Gain the respect and admiration of your family, friends, clients, patients, and business associates!
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Be known as a leader in your field and in your community
  • Get new clients or patients
  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance credibility
  • Land speaking engagements
  • Opportunities for media exposure
  • You can get your story, your name, business and website in front of a whole new audience by being in a compilation book.
  • Other people promote you! Each of the authors will purchase copies of the book at wholesale prices in order to resell them for a profit and they will be giving them away to clients and friends, giving you exposure to a variety of audiences!
  • You can network with other authors and do cross-promotion.
  • You can make some money! As an author, you can buy copies of the book at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices, which can increase your income.

Why be an author in the ‘Choices’ book series?

  • Cherri is passionate about giving holistic practitioners a platform to share their talents and expertise. She wants to give them the exposure they need to get the word out to the world that we all have choices in our healthcare.

Will I make money on the book?

You can make money by purchasing copies of the book at wholesale pricing and selling the book at the retail price. You will have the opportunity to make the most money by giving away your books to prospective clients so they can learn more about you and your services and hire you!

Details and Timeline:

  • Details for each book will be determined. It is suggested that you have your chapters proof-read and basic editing done before submitting your first draft.
  • Once your story has been edited, you will be contacted by our production team with your edited copy for your approval to be returned by a stated deadline.
  • You must provide a professional black and white photo to be included with your chapter author page. If you chose a custom cover, you will need to provide a professional, high quality color photo to be submitted with your final draft.
  • The book will be listed for sale on Amazon and we will host a ‘Best Seller’ campaign on a designated day.

Who is the publisher?

Cherri Pedrioli is partnering with Sue Brooke, along with her publishing and production team. The publishing company imprint will be Holistic Choices Publishing.

Projected Book Launch Dates:

Launch dates will be determined by the dates of author submissions. For each book, we will begin the publishing process as soon as a maximum of 15 authors have submitted their stories so get your story submission in soon.